finally, some information about Forkner Shorthand

Forkner Shorthand is a cleverly designed system, optimized for easy learning, that uses a mixture of special symbols and normal cursive letters. It enjoyed some popularity among students and teachers in North America during the second half of the 20th century because a higher percentage of students were having greater success with it than with Gregg or Pitman.

Details about the significance and inner workings of Forkner were strangely absent from the Internet until the past few months. Now the veil has been lifted!

demonstration of Forkner writing principles

comments about the above image

three newspaper clippings about Forkner Shorthand

Wikipedia article

Note: If you are a polyglot Wikipedian, would you consider adding an article about Forkner to your language's Wikipedia? Spreading information brings joy.

I tip my hat to the Shorthand Forum on Reddit which helps me stay informed of these developments.

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